Information Technology

Your organization relies on strategic, expert IT talent to compete in today’s economy. At 3-Point Recruiting, we deliver exceptional candidates who bring genuine value to your business.

IT talent scarcity remains a challenge for companies of all sizes, and these market conditions have created a remarkable demand in an already thin pool of candidates.

Whether you need talent in cloud computing, executive leadership, or data center engineering, time is of the essence in this competitive landscape. Partnering with 3-Point Recruiting allows organizations to expand their network of available candidates through our vast network, as well as take advantage of our managed, streamlined hiring process, alongside results guarantee.

Using our 3-Point approach, our recruitment team only provides our clients with highly vetted, quality candidates that meet the hiring manager’s specific requirements.

We’ll help you determine:

Which technical candidates offer you the best ROI? Where can you find them? How can you attract them to your organization? How long it will take to fill the role?

We understand that technology and sales are the lifeblood of your business. Our tech experts have unmatched experience with complex IT and sales placements. We’ll help you find the most qualified candidates, with proven track records.

Who We Recruit

IT Leadership



Data Analytics and BI

Director of IT

Director of Engineering

Certified IT Expertise

Application & Software Development

Cloud Systems Engineers

Network Engineering and Administration

Database Design and Development

UX/UI Engineers and Designers

Infrastructure and Operations

Network Engineers

PC/Desktop Support

Network/System Administration

Systems Analysts

Storage Experts